The GlobalSource IT SAP S/4HANA Implementation Best Practices Guide
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The First Unbiased SAP S/4HANA Implementation Guide

With the 2025 deadline looming on the horizon, we've recognized the uncertainty in the market and our unique position based on our relationships with thousands of independent consultants who have real life S/4HANA implementation experience.
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With the S/4HANA switch being such a crucial and expensive initiative for companies around globe, our goal is to spread light on the most efficient methods for implementing S/4HANA in an impartial manner. Objectivity is built into the core of this research through  independent consultants that share no affiliation with any one method, practice, or vendor.

At GlobalSource IT, our practice is built on delivering consultants with an in-depth knowledge of the SAP ecosystem. Because of this, it made logical sense to tap into those relationships to hear their thoughts about conducting an S/4HANA implementation.

To conduct this research, we reached out to over 3,500 independent consultants with first-hand S/4HANA experience to help create the most insightful research in the market. Using their expert knowledge we've analyzed and displayed the data for you across this microsite and our hard copy e-book. The data points are indicative of S/4HANA best practices, given by those best prepared to share them.

To get a better idea of who helped build this best practices guide you can utilize the graph above to see the base of consultants our survey was delivered to. Additionally, you'll find some of the key findings in our Q&A to test your knowledge of S/4 implementations based on the findings.

Implementation Best Practices Q&A
Regardless of Company Size, How Many People Should Be on a Team Per Module?

While 4 is close, it isn't quite the recommended number. Visit Chapter 3 of the research to find the recommend team size!

You are correct! Independent consultants suggest that, regardless of company size, the average team, per module, should be comprised of 4 - 6 individuals. Visit Chapter 3 for more details.

It's a common thought that teams are typically supposed to be quite large. However, 7 - 10 is far above what independent consultants recommend for team size. Visit Chapter 3 to find out what they recommended for team size.

What is the primary methodology recommended for S/4HANA implementations?

Correct! 71% of independent consultants agreed that the Agile / Scrum methodology is the best methodology to use during an S/4 implementation.

While SAP Activate is a recommended methodology among independent consultants, only around 50% of them actually recommend using it. During our research we found that over 70% of consultants actually recommend using the Agile or Scrum methodology.

Wrong, none of the independent consultants recommend using Spiral methodology. During our research we found that over 70% of consultants actually recommend using the Agile or Scrum methodology.

How many months of data cleansing is necessary prior to migrating to S/4HANA?

Only 11% of consultants recommended setting aside 2 or less months for data cleansing. In fact, our study revealed this could be a common cause of projects being delayed, 60% of consultants said that businesses aren't setting aside enough time for data cleansing.

Correct, 53% of consultants recommended setting aside at least 3 - 5 months of date cleansing time.

Just 24% of consultants recommend 6 - 12 months of data cleansing time. The sweet spot is at least 3 - 5 months. Learn more in chapter 2 of our research.

How are independent consultants typically used in a large-scale implementation?

This is correct, 45% of consultants surveyed said they were brought on to extend the systems integrator team.

While this was one of our larger responses with 16% from independent consultants, this is was not the primary reason. Consultants are typically brought on as extensions of a systems integrator.

During our research we found that only 3% of consultants were brought on to replace under-performing consultants. Consultants are primarily being utilized as an extension of the systems integrator during implementations.

What is the primary reason for delayed go-live dates on S/4HANA Implementations?

Even though improper personnel on teams was a common theme among the research and a high contender for the biggest reason for a delayed go-live, it wasn't the primary reason. Learn why changes in scope cause so many delays in Chapter 5!

While this was in the top 3 reasons for a delayed go-live date, the consultants we surveyed said this wasn't the primary reason. Learn why changes in scope cause so many delays in Chapter 5!

Correct! 76% of consultants we surveyed agreed that a change in scope was the cause of pushed go-live dates. That being said, there were multiple other reasons above 50%. Learn why the scope changes so often in Chapter 5!

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