Why Work With Us?

Our founding principles are based on being focused on the little things and delivering specialized Enterprise Technology Consultants. Our values reflect our Midwestern roots, and we meticulously deliver a high level of personal service reflecting these values.

Why Clients Work With GlobalSource IT


We believe that excellence in service is the way to separate our practice from thousands of others. To achieve this, we take a highly collaborative approach. We ask questions. We listen. We playback what we heard to ensure we align with your goals and sense of urgency. If you believe in the power of collaboration, then we are a partner for you.


Our business was built on a single premise: pick one thing and be really good at it — Enterprise Technology Consultant and Staffing Solutions.  Once we understand your expectations, we get to work and we deliver.


As a result of our community of consultants, curated over a quarter century, our delivery is within hours or days; not weeks and months.


Meticulous delivery is a cornerstone of our organization. There are multiple facets to our practice. The consultant side is one of those facets often overlooked.  We pay equal attention to the client and consultant side. This results in quality engagements with happy consultants. Happy consultants are productive consultants. Productive consultants yield happy clients.


We are in the people business. People are at the core of everything we do. The best talent does not guarantee success, but a lack of it almost guarantees failure. Projects succeed because of the people behind them, not the technology.  With our community, we bring forward great people you can rely on. It’s that simple.


Why Work With Us?

At GlobalSource IT, you will get an exceptional consultant experience. Our goal is to build and maintain a true community of consultants based on collaboration and meticulous attention to detail. We are always looking for opportunities that match your skillset and assist in your career growth.

Singular Focus

Our practice is focused on serving the Enterprise Systems, Business Intelligence, and Cloud technology consultant market. We are meticulous about gathering requirements, so you’re prepared for success. We align expectations with our clients’ goals, and give you the facts, unedited, so you can make an informed decision.


Ever been told an assignment was twelve months full remote, only to find out it’s four months, and you need to be onsite every month? Our company believes in fully disclosing project details to ensure there is a good fit for everyone. We collaborate directly with our clients to verify the assignment, eliminate surprises, and best navigate the engagement process. Our direct relationships lead to more interviews, placements, and a better consultant experience.

A Trusted Partner

True community and partnership require collaboration. We maintain open lines of communication throughout the engagement to ensure you are receiving what you need to be successful, address any concerns that may arise, and maintain alignment for the goals of the project. To us, consultants are our customers. We want your first contract with us to be one of many.

Why Consultants Work With GlobalSource IT
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