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Staff Augmentation

The Right People You Need, When You Need Them

Since 1998, we've curated the most dependable community of professional consultants across the enterprise technology ecosystem. Every client's situation differs, and we believe in personalizing our services to address your goals. Our model gives you flexibility and provides access to reliable hands-on and advisory support: full or part-time. At GlobalSource IT, we solve the most common challenges when engaging staff augmentation services.

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Staff Augmentation, the right people you need, when you need them
Lean, Efficient, and Committed to Success

Spot Consulting

Lean, Efficient, and Committed to Success

Talent needs ebb and flow depending on business and budget cycles. If you are modernizing your business processes using technology, why not modernize how you secure consulting horsepower? We are here to help when you need full or part-time consulting support, hands-on or advisory services. We have a history with hundreds of the most gifted consultants in the Enterprise Systems, Business Intelligence, and Cloud technology space. Our Spot Consulting Portal connects clients to these exceptional people to close project gaps and eliminate delivery risks, even when there isn’t enough work or budget for a full-time engagement..

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Project Teams

The Team You Need - Bespoke

At GlobalSource IT, we have experience building entire project teams that “suit” our clients. People who complement each other, are highly collaborative, and have the right experience to amplify project success. We manage the team so our clients can focus on priorities rather than individual consultant oversight. Be it data migration, configuration, testing, training, change management, or a unique task force, we can deliver a team of professionals that drives projects to completion.

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Project Teams, The Teams You Need - Bespoke
Direct Hire, Know exactly who you're looking for but having trouble finding them?

Direct Hire

Know Exactly Who You're Looking For But Having Trouble Finding Them?

With more hybrid and remote employment options than ever before, a cross -section of our community is looking for an organization where they can make a long-term home.  If your position requires a discreet recruiting effort or is public for all to see, we can help identify the person you are looking for.

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We contacted GlobalSource IT after struggling to find viable SAP TREX candidates for an urgent need. Within 72 hours, they provided our team with two A+ candidates to interview. The consultant we chose delivered at a high level and was vital to the success of our project. In the end, GlobalSource IT proved that they are very capable of delivering quality SAP resources quickly and at a competitive rate. We have found them to be easy to work with and have since added them to our short list of trusted SAP partners.
Gina Carlson
IT Director
Faucet Manufacturing Company