Project Safeguard

Take Control of Your Project

Protect Your Project With Expertise From Start to Finish
79% of consultants have worked on projects that have pushed out their timelines
Have worked on projects that pushed out their timelines
65% of successful projects Attribute their success to proper staffing & a healthy mix of systems integrators and independent consultants
Are attributed to proper staffing & a healthy mix of systems integrators and independent consultants.
The GlobalSource IT Safeguard Team is the perfect solution to protect your projects from pitfalls.
By bringing subject matter experts on as an extension of your internal team alongside the system integrator, you’re adding checks and balances to ensure clarity, collaboration, and cost savings for your project.

Strategically placing knowledgeable consultants among your full time staff, whose main goal is to ensure a successful implementation, means you’re getting unbiased feedback and updates on your projects at all times.
Our Safeguard Teams Include:
SAP Integration Managers
Solution Delivery Mangers
Enterprise Solutions Architects
Analysts / Developers / Infrastructure
Program & Project Management
SAP Technical Architects
What it looks like
The Project Safeguard team protects implementations by placing independent subject matter experts on the clients team alongside their internal staff
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