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A Letter From Our President

Welcome to our website.  If you’re visiting us, we must be doing something right.  I won’t drone on about how great we are, or the process and tools that make us unique. I’d simply like to share with you how we grew up and who we are as an organization.

Culture matters.  No, not opera, champagne, and tuxes – frankly, I’m more of a “hoodie” kind of guy…but rather the kind of culture that is the heartbeat of an organization. The phrase “it’s just business” does not apply here.  When someone chooses to work with GlobalSource IT, either as a client, consultant, or an employee, it isn’t just business – it’s personal. It’s trust.  We deliver back on that trust by providing a focused, high-quality service that you can rely on.  We’ve been delivering on that for over 20 years, and our retention of relationships across the board shows what that commitment means.  

When we started in 1998, Y2K was on the horizon, and consultants with four months IT experience were gainfully employed fixing clocks at $200/hr.  Crazy times…we really could have sold anything to anyone.  Instead, we focused on the key space of enterprise technology, and delivered it with transparency.  

Foundationally, you can’t be good at everything, and commoditization was not something I wished to build a company on.  I wanted to build an organization that was recognized for its expertise as a go-to resource for niche consultant talent.  We know what we do well and what we don’t.  This self-awareness has kept us focused on quality. Our wheelhouse is enterprise technology consultants. We have spent two decades building that area of specialization, and we deliver on it.

I believe that integrity and simplicity should be at the core of everything.  That belief is showcased in the relationships we’ve built within our client and consultant community.  Beyond that, if it isn’t fun, and you don’t sleep well at night – you’re probably doing it wrong.  We enjoy what we do and the people we work with.

We look forward to working with you.  


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Our Compass

To amplify project success. We close the gap between the business and technology by leveraging our ecosystem of enterprise professionals. Collaboration, building true community, and meticulous delivery are the pillars by which we drive value.

Our compass drives our success
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GlobalSource IT Values

  • Service

  • Simplicity

  • Efficiency

  • Quality

  • People

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