Jithender B.
SAP MM P2P Lead Consultant
Available For: 
20 Hours
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Consultant Testimonial:

I would like to strongly recommend Jithender "Jay" to any organization who is searching for a strong SAP professional.  I had the pleasure of working closely with Jay on two important projects at Impax. Jay served as the SAP Lead and I was the Business Lead.  He has a unique combination of strong SAP knowledge, business acumen, and strong written and oral communication skills that have allowed him to make very strong contributions while driving results at Impax over the past 18 months.  He was able to quickly assess the current process and provide Impax with a well designed SAP based solution to improve upon the existing procurement process. Aside from being an all around great guy, Jay is, hands down, the best SAP professional I've had the opportunity to work with.
- Rob, Director Global Sourcing - Impax