Mike Schuett
Operations Manager
Mike Schuett

I have worked over 17 years in the staffing world and 16 years part-time as a sports official.  These experiences have helped teach me to be detail-oriented, respectful, efficient, and a team player.  I am proud that GlobalSource IT enables me to utilize these skills while helping direct the logistical and behind the scenes elements of matching our clients with the best consultants.

  • My two favorite football teams are the Minnesota Vikings and whoever is playing the Green Bay Packers, and am thrilled that my son agrees on both counts.
  • Have been to 18 Major League Baseball stadiums so far.
  • Believes that video games peaked in the 1980s, or at least my ability to play them successfully.  Still owns over 50 games for my Atari 2600.
  • Black licorice is better than red.