Mike Boyle
VP - Alliances & Strategic Partnerships
Mike Boyle

I've been fortunate enough to have worked all over the world which has given me the opportunity to learn from and experience different cultures.  However, there's a common thread that binds all good companies and people, wherever they are, you find a commitment to integrity and honesty.  I'm lucky to be working with a team of like-minded individuals; genuine people who are dedicated to continually provide the very best service and support to our many clients.

  • MBA from Northwestern (Go Wildcats!) and a BA from University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Married a Swede, no, she's not a blue-eyed blonde - and have been blessed with a wonderful daughter
  • Huge booster of Special Olympics
  • Navy Vet, Making America Great Since 1775
  • Moonlights as an adjunct professor teaching 600-level Master's students about the unintended consequences of the Internet
  • Desperately in love with the blues, books and the game of golf which, sadly, doesn't return the favor