Jason Massman
President & Co-Founder
Jason Massman

I believe in integrity and simplicity. I want to be the market's leading ERP staffing provider - a household name to the Fortune 1000, and always setting the bar for innovation in our industry. We do some pretty cool stuff - this isn't your typical consulting and staffing firm.

  • Founded GlobalSource IT at 22.
  • Can only take 4 day vacations, because after day 2, really misses the office
  • Is a vegetarian, to the dismay of many of his managers and friends.
  • Wanted to grow up to be a professional fighter or a writer. Running GlobalSource seemed to combine both quite well.
  • Is incredibly proud of the team who built this company, and is confident he hired the best talent in the market.
  • Loves fast cars and donating to local municipal funds.