Andy Sell
Resource Manager
Andy Sell

Jason, our president and CEO, saved me from the slums of the BMW / Porsche dealership over 6 years ago. Although I miss the excitement of selling the world’s finest cars and driving a new one every day, I can now truly say that I love my job. For me, recruiting in the IT industry is an exciting and dynamic challenge. I love technology as well as working with people, and when I am able to unite a client with hard-working and hard-to-find talent, it’s a great feeling of satisfaction for everyone involved.

  • Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Avid art, music, and sports fan.
  • Perfect day for him is an afternoon of tailgating at Miller Park.
  • Hasn’t shaved his entire beard since he went as Magnum P.I. for Halloween over 10 years ago.
  • Went to the Milwaukee French Immersion School starting at K5.