A Recipe for Success: A Food Production Company Calls GlobalSource IT to Deliver Supply Chain Support

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Meat Processing

Company Size

10,000+ Employees

Company Revenue

$14.5 Billion



Project Type

Supply Chain Planning

Tech Stack


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For our food and CPG client, implementing best-of-breed technology tools in their enterprise technology stack always meant heavy reliance on their software partner for Project Management and Project Delivery. This was identified as a growing risk by client leadership. The client endured several projects where an internal stakeholder volunteered to be a project manager which meant projects were often delayed and costly. Until they could spin up a formal Project Management Office, they turned to GlobalSource IT (GSIT) to support the delivery of a critical supply chain demand planning technology project. The client wanted a disciplined methodology to integrate a new sales forecasting and demand planning tool as well as capture project lessons learned to establish a project playbook for future use.

The client wanted to maximize speed to market. Historically, relying heavily on the software partner and internal volunteers for project management resulted in poor visibility, lack of accountability, and delays with vague deliverables resulting in missed milestones. Internal volunteers knew the business, but were overloaded with competing responsibilities and politics. Software partners are typically concerned primarily with delivering to their Statement of Work (SOW). This result presented a myriad of issues to our client. Internal dependencies, cost overruns, testing delays, gaps in knowledge transfer, and missed revenue opportunities were regularly noticed as a software partner was sometimes more concerned with executing expedient and convenient decisions for their best interests, but lacked the foresight into the ramifications to the client.


• Missed seasonal sales opportunities and revenue targets

• Speed to market and integration with new enterprise technology stack

• Lack of internal Project Management expertise to operationalize the deliverables in the SOW

• Dependence on software partner to manage internal business stakeholders who were consumed with competing priorities

• A gap in business process and supply-chain re-engineering experience


The client identified there was a large gap in execution, given the scope and desired timeline, and called GSIT to deliver project management support. Within six business days, the client had a seasoned consultant on-site, a high-level project charter, defined responsibilities related to the SOW, a high-level matrix of internal and external dependencies, project job descriptions, a decision-making structure, and policies related to terms of access to business stakeholders, milestones, and timelines.

In addition to the Project Manager, GlobalSource IT provided the client with a supply-chain science expert with hands-on quantitative and logistical experience. We also delivered two techno-functional consultants to lend the necessary support in requirements gathering, integration, and testing activities to augment the software partner and reduce the risks associated with the project.

Over the engagement, the project manager oversaw a team of over 40 personnel and integrated 11 plants in 12 months, in addition to handling key communications with executive stakeholders, steering committee members, and process leads.


By building a three-in-the-box project execution model consisting of the Project Manager, the internal business team, and the software partner; GSIT and its partners expedited the return on investment and clarified the business technology deliverables. By identifying a gap in professional project management, the client was left with a defined blueprint for future integration projects and ownership accountability.


• Project Manager

• Techno-functional SD Consultant

• SCM Business Process Expert


Industry SI average price point per consultant = $233/Hr

GSIT average price point per consultant = $140/Hr

Total consultants placed = 3

Expected time on assignment = 16 months

Approximate cost through SI = $1,946,016

Approximate cost through GSIT = $1,169,280

Estimated Cost Savings =$776,736

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