It is Not Personal

Chad Westphal

Chad Westphal is a Vice President of sales at GlobalSource IT for over 20 years. He's an expert at growing client relationships and firmly believes a long term partnership is the goal of everything he does.

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It is not personal.  

Have you ever said that to a salesperson?  Or thought it?  I have.  It is easy to say and feel that way because so few salespeople make it personal.  They go on and on and on making impersonal calls trying to hit someone at the right time, never making it personal.  Who are they as a person?  What do they stand for?  Can you trust them?  Will their product or service make a difference?  The product or service may change the world, may revolutionize your business, but if you don’t connect with the salesperson, or trust them, the benefits may never be realized.  It is not about time, because we find time for those we like and trust and feel bring something to us; whether it is someone we love or someone we work with.    

I have found solace telling myself it isn’t personal when I don’t receive a returned call or email because there is so much noise of spam and effective ways of reaching out to the masses hoping spray and pray brings back a hit.  I realized this solace is an excuse for mediocrity.  Make it personal and it will be personal.  Not making it personal is lazy and forgettable.  

Throughout our organization we strive to make it personal for our clients and our consultants.  

Here’s how:  

Our Sales team puts time into researching prospects before calling. Who are the people we are asking of their time?  What are their responsibilities and do they line up with our service?  What does the organization do?  What are their drivers for success and do they align with our core values.  Are the reasons we are in business important to this person?  With some effort up front, it should separate one sales call from the next.  

Our Delivery team does not keyword search and send. They connect with their network, they gather referrals, they work with trusted individuals.  They know matching consultant experience to the experience the customer is looking for is only half the work.  They know the other half is the soft skills and business understanding and likability.  If they enjoy talking with someone, why would our customer want to work with them?    

Our Practice Management team works with our deployed consultants all over the country. From a welcome gift, to helping resolve a project issue, or facilitating a knowledge transfer, they are there for them, creating a personal relationship throughout their engagement.

We are not a set it and forget it company.  We are in the people business.  Lining up people where they are needed.