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Our Process

It Starts With Sourcing

 You didn’t hire us as a resume forwarding service...

Internal strategy and planning
• Job order received
• Requirements reviewed
• Strategic sourcing strategy developed
Identification of resources
• Assessment of 43,000+ pre-qualified candidates
• Proprietary database is actively maintained
• Recruitment through previously deployed talent,
   internal/external databases, targeted ads and job boards
Candidate screening
• Evaluate type, content, length and time frame of past
• Industry experience and skills, past performance, historical dates
  and length of service scrutinized
• Value of rate / experience compared to market rates
• Resumes analyzed by plagiarism detection software
• Screens in place for technical skills 
Interview process
• Minimum of two supervisor references checked
• Candidates initially interview with a recruiter, then move onto
   a more detailed conversation with Account Director
• Stage 2 interview has special emphasis placed
   on communication, soft skills, culture fit and venue compatibility
• Top candidates are then vetted for functional and technical skills,
   industry knowledge and leadership 
• Internal SME may also test working knowledge
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