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Why Work With Us

At GlobalSource IT, our Resource Managers focus exclusively on cultivating relationships with the most talented ERP professionals in the market. To us, consultants are our customers. Our goal is to build and maintain a long-term relationship with you, in order to find the ideal opportunities that match your skill set and assist in your career growth.

Business professionals building relationship
 Experience is the answer.
 Our tried and true processes make us the clear choice for your long-term partner.
 So we focus on one thing - ERP talent delivery. We turn on the lights every morning, make coffee, and execute a proven
ERP talent delivery process, honed over thousands of contract placements - evolving every day, and focused in our niche.
Best in class, progressive, effective - ERP talent delivery.


We are an ERP focused Organization. Our long tenured team has the best tools and processes to make us an industry leader.

We provide professional guidance and support like, resume crafting, interview prep and a library of best practice documents.

Ever been told it was a 6-12 month project, only to find out it was just 3 months? We believe in candor and transparency from the beginning. This means full disclosure of project details to ensure it is a good technical and cultural fit.

Once you are placed on a project, your relationship with our Practice Manager starts. We will continuously communicate with you throughout the project to see how it is progressing and how you are doing. We are with you every step of the way.

We know sap comes from trees and SAP is Systems Application Products. Since our start in 1998 we have always specialized in ERP... it is all we do. This experience and knowledge makes us your ideal partner. We understand the position needs and what the right candidate looks like.

Layers are for cakes. We work directly with Fortune 1000 companies, putting more money in your pocket! Our direct client relationships lead to more interviews and placements. With our direct client/manager relationship we better qualify the client's need and control the delivery process.

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