A little about us.

Our goal is to be deserving of the title "expert", and you simply can't be an expert at everything.

So we focus on one thing - ERP talent delivery. We turn on the lights every morning, make coffee, and execute a proven ERP talent delivery process, honed over thousands of contract placements - evolving every day, and focused in our niche. Best in class, progressive, effective - ERP talent delivery.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Why we win.

A look inside the machine.

Inside the very best machines are inspired design, uncluttered and exacting parts of the whole. It's these refined tools and processes that allow us to win, the reason we are deserving of a call - the reason you'll be glad you offered us a chance to see how we compare to your current partners. Take a look...

A peek inside the machine
Quality icon

Quality Process

You didn't hire us as a resume forwarding service. We do the leg-work: multiple interviews, technical screens by experts, detailed reference checks - all just a portion of our quality process.

transparency icon


The best business models - the best companies - look just as good in the light as they do in the dark. We are proud to share all aspects of our business with our clients. Margins, screening process, favorite colors.... anything.

Resumes aren't people icon

Resumes Aren't People

We have access to consultants others do not. Like GlobalSource IT, the best consultants are selective. They choose to work with us because we’re fair, honest, and have the industry’s best sourcing team.

known resources icon

Known Resources

Do you know who's behind the resume? We do, because our Resource Managers have an average tenure of over 8 years. That's more than twice the industry average, doing highly specific ERP recruiting. They have developed thousands of relationships, and understand the people, the market, and the skills at play.

response time icon

Response Time

Our network is established and ready to go to work at any moment. We have the capacity to deliver fully vetted resources within 24-48 hours of request. One or a dozen - we're ready to meet the need. (Sleep is over-rated anyway.)

we can say no icon


Seriously, no. We're ok with saying it. If you need a Java consultant, call your general IT shop. If you need an SAP expert, call us.

retention icon


Our consultants stay the full duration of assignments. The reasons? They receive more than 75% of the billing rate, and understand the assignment details. They also have clear contractual commitments, and choose the projects they're deployed to.

trade secrets icon

Trade Secrets

We lead the industry when it comes to innovative ways to bring you ERP talent. Want to hear more? Contact one of our team members to hear more about how we can improve your talent acquisition.

Why work with us?

At GlobalSource IT, our Resource Managers focus exclusively on cultivating relationships with the most talented ERP professionals in the market. To us, consultants are our customers.

Our goal is to build and maintain a long-term relationship with you, in order to find the ideal opportunities that match your skill set and assist in your career growth.

consultants are our customers
known resources icon

Known Resources

We have an ERP-focused resource management team with the best tools and processes, making us the leader in the industry. This makes your project search easier for you.

We know what’s behind the resumes, since our Resource Managers have an average tenure of over 8 years of ERP experience. That’s more than twice the industry average, doing highly specific ERP Recruiting. We have the ability to provide professional guidance and support, such as resume crafting to highlight applicable experience and in-depth interview preparation. The better you are prepared the better your chances are of landing that project.

honesty icon


Ever been told by other firms that a project was 6-12 months, only to find out it was just 3 months? We believe in candor and transparency throughout the relationship, from the beginning.

Honest and open communication between Resource Managers and candidates means full disclosure of project details: who the client is, the location, the nature of the business, and the length of the project. Giving you as much information as possible will only help in determining whether or not the project is a good technical and cultural fit. It only works for us, if it works for you. We’re in this for the long haul, and our reputation is paramount.

ongoing relationships icon

Ongoing Relationships

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our consultants. We have proactive next-project marketing. This would mean ongoing work for you.

Once you are placed on a project, your relationship with our Resource Managers does not stop there. Through continuous project follow-up, we maintain contact with you to see how the project is progressing and how you are doing. We also have a 24-hour Issue Resolution Plan that will allow you to speak to our Resource Managers, Sales Directors, or internal contacts to help in resolving any problems or concerns you may have.

only ERP icon

ERP Only

We know sap comes from trees and SAP is Systems Application Products.

GlobalSource IT has been around since 1998 and we have ALWAYS specialized in ERP and this is ALL that we do. We have a core team who is familiar with the industry and the technologies involved. This allows us to truly match the right candidates to the right positions.

direct cleints icon

Direct Clients

Layers are for cakes. We work directly with Fortune 1000 companies, putting more money in your pocket!

We work with over 200 Fortune 1000 companies, and that list is growing every week. These direct client relationships also lead to more interviews and placements. Direct client/manager relationships mean that we are able to better qualify the client’s need and control the delivery process. What does this mean for you? A higher probability of us securing a project for YOU.

Jason Massman

President and Co-Founder
linkedin profile

I believe in integrity and simplicity. I want to be the market's leading ERP staffing provider - a household name to the Fortune 1000, and always setting the bar for innovation in our industry. We do some pretty cool stuff - this isn't your typical consulting and staffing firm.

  • Started managing businesses at 18 years old. Founded GlobalSource IT at 22.
  • Feels incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the industry's smartest people.
  • Thought he'd grow up to be a professional fighter or a writer. No, they're not very similar things.
  • Has a teenage son who is ridiculously bright and equally hilarious.
  • Likes black clothes - has a cat that sheds ~3 cubic tons per year - owns many fabric rollers.
  • Loves fast cars and donating to local municipal funds.
  • Recently turned vegetarian, and has since been ostracized and ridiculed daily by his VP's.

Bob Raffel

VP - Sales
linkedin profile

My philosophy has always been to pick one thing and do it really well. I have been in professional account development and account management my entire career. I strive to deliver the most insight, market information, and value to my business partners. GlobalSource IT’s philosophy matches mine doing one thing and doing it really well: delivering the best ERP consultants at the most competitive rates. As a leader, I believe and coach my team that the relationship always comes before the profit/loss on an individual transaction.

  • Raises chickens and talks to them.
  • Loves to go birding and is called a "bird nerd."
  • Really enjoys hiking and goes about 750 miles a year.
  • Credits a lot of what he has learned to the 1000’s of conversations he has had with prospects & business partners.
  • Shares his property with the same wild pair of sandhill cranes for 16 years.

Chad Westphal

VP - Sales
c: 920.420.2569
linkedin profile

My Father taught me an important lesson: Stand by your word. I believe our words and actions define who we are as people, and a good reputation is critical for success. I’m proud of our team’s integrity, tenacity, and persistence in getting the job done.

  • Graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.
  • Chad is married and has 2 sons, Sullivan and Murray.
  • Holds his high school record for the longest interception return of 102 yards. Although, there is a joke around the office that it was only because mental warfare was used.
  • Has a fondness for romantic comedies (and not only because his wife does, too).
  • Is obsessive-compulsive when it comes to a well manicured lawn – dandelions are weeds not flowers.
  • Has never won an argument with Jeff Giernoth, but did beat him in arm wrestling once (see Jeff’s bio).

Fred Wachtel

VP – Resource Management
linkedin profile

As a leader, I believe in efficiency and effectiveness. ERP is what we do, and do extremely well. I am proud to lead a team of dedicated ERP Resource Managers, supporting our Fortune 1000 clients with top-tier talent. I thrive on identifying cutting-edge tools, technologies, and techniques to make us a premier provider of ERP solutions.

  • Has been involved in technology resource management for over 15 years.
  • Believes in working smarter not harder.
  • Has been with GlobalSource IT since 2000 – and no, the computers didn’t fail during Y2K.
  • Is considered the office “alpha geek” when it comes to technology.
  • Loves energy drinks.
  • Is not a morning person unless the above is satisfied.
  • Still enjoys playing video games, except against his 3 children (he is a sore loser).
  • Has more pets in the household than people (3 rabbits, 2 birds, and 1 dog) – what was he thinking?

Mark Koenig

VP - Operations
linkedin profile

At the end of the day, our success as an organization is a result of the emphasis we place on relationships we build with partners across the globe. I’m incredibly proud to be surrounded by a team that puts far more effort into doing the right thing by our clients, than monitoring the bottom line. Our business is defined by the people found throughout this site, and the hundreds of consultants who represent us across the nation.

  • Married to a wonderful woman, and together they have a most precious little girl, Elliot.
  • Thinks jumping out a perfectly good airplane is absurd, mostly because he’s spent gobs of time learning how to land them (and he can, just ask Chad).
  • Spends the vast majority of his free time "convincing" trout to eat a hook made of thread and feathers. (Trout are scientifically proven to have pea-sized brains, Mark wonders why he doesn’t win the battle more often?)
  • Once found himself standing between Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey at a cocktail party. (In his mind, that pretty much made him 4th in line of Presidential succession if things went really south- it was a good night.)

Bryan Sherman

Practice Manager
linkedin profile

I’ve always believed that one of the most successful characteristics in a company or person is integrity. It defines who we are, how we conduct ourselves when people aren’t looking, and how we do business with our clients and candidates. I’ve been with GlobalSource for the majority of my staffing career. I’m still here because this is a unique company, ran by creative people that have built a culture based on fun, respect, hard work, accountability, and Midwest values. Getting up everyday and looking forward to getting into the office is something most people in our industry can’t say. I’m proud to be one of the few…

  • I’ve been happily married for 10 years, have four children (Daniel, Monica, Rebecca, and Patrick), and an Old-English Bulldog named Gus.
  • Love the 80’s! Come on, who doesn’t like hair-band ballads, Rubik’s Cubes or Jumpin Jack Flash?
  • In my free time, I slow-smoke pulled pork, brisket, and ribs! Love me some Q!
  • Proudly serving in the Army Reserves (14 years and counting…)

Rebecca Smet

Sales Director
920.358.2700 (Appleton) Mon, Tue, Fri
414.773.0672 (Milwaukee) Wed, Thu
c: 414.841.3181
linkedin profile

As a Director of Sales for GlobalSource IT, I am a firm believer in delivering the service to clients that I expect myself. I am the one thing that differentiates GlobalSource IT from my competition and I want my customers to come back to me because they believe I am a person of honesty and integrity. Having been in the staffing industry for over 8 years, I have learned a great deal about various industries and ERP- but there is always more to learn. I am grateful to have such a wonderful team to work with and clients that I truly enjoy. I believe that I cannot be successful until my clients are.

  • Has been in staffing and recruiting for 8 years. That officially makes her a lifer.
  • Grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin, just outside of Green Bay. Being a Packer fan is what keeps her in the family.
  • Comes from a large extended family including 32 cousins, where holiday meals are actually eaten in shifts.
  • If she were to be stranded on a desert island, all she would need is a supply of pizza (pepperoni and black olives) and is confident she could survive.

Justin Bergner

Sales Director
c: 920.428.4285
linkedin profile

My goal is to build long-lasting relationships and understand my clients' issues and staffing needs. It's important to me to become a strategic partner with my clients so that I can completely understand all of their services as well as provide my clients with a better understanding of what we are seeing in their specific market/industry.

  • Owned a few businesses over the years, including a gym.
  • Doesn’t have cable, but is thankful for Netflix.
  • Had a short stint as an Oracle consultant.
  • Loves to travel.

Bridget Milinkski

Sales Director
linkedin profile

As a niche provider of ERP resources, GlobalSourceIT offers our clients a level of talent our competition simply cannot provide. Building honest relationships with my clients allows me to understand the challenges they face when hiring ERP talent, and work with them to solve those problems. I’m proud to be part of a team that’s built a solid reputation as North America’s premier provider of ERP talent to the Fortune 1,000.

  • Loves to sing karaoke, though it’s only a hobby which is why she keeps her day job.
  • Grew up with dogs and can’t wait to have one of her own. A Golden Retriever would be perfect.
  • Considers gummy bears their own (healthy) food group.
  • Will Ferrell’s number one fan.
  • Won the first place trophy in the “Jump Rope for Heart” competition in first grade.
  • Family, friends, food and wine are her favorite things.

Nate Nelson

Sales Director
linkedin profile

I grew up playing sports, and I still think about how cool it would be to play in the World Series. Those past experiences have taught me so much about teamwork, determination, attitude, and passion- all which have rounded me into the salesperson I am today. I want to win, not just for me, but for everyone involved from the client-down. There’s nothing better than giving a high-five to a colleague after knowing you helped satisfy a need. The World Series will have to wait, I have orders to fill.

  • Joined GlobalSource IT in 2011 (which he thinks is the best thing that's ever happened to GlobalSource IT).
  • Married to Jamie and has 2 kids, Julia and Caleb.
  • Worked in the newspaper industry for 8 years and never missed a deadline.
  • Was captain of the basketball team at the University of Wisconsin - Fond du Lac.
  • Star Wars? Yes. Star Trek? No.
  • Thinks mild salsa is spicy.

Ryan Parnau

Director of Sales
c: 414.587.1810
linkedin profile

I’m happy to be able to work for a company that treats both its employees and business partners with such integrity and respect. Those ideals are what allow GlobalSource IT to be one of the premier providers of niche ERP talent to the Fortune 1000. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to provide the best talent in ERP to my clients every day.

  • Proud to work for an industry leader in ERP staffing.
  • A certified sommelier and lover of all things food.
  • Keeps a microphone on his desk in case he gets the call to fill in for Letterman.
  • Thinks that everyone should know that Boba Fett is the coolest Star Wars character.
  • Jumps at every opportunity to wear a tuxedo and fedora.
  • Has an excellent poker face…or at least he thinks so.

Paul Arnold

Sales Director
linkedin profile

While attending college, I had the opportunity to participate in the decathlon. It was challenging and exciting to learn so many different skills; I find that experience is easily relatable to the IT staffing industry. To excel in the decathlon, it was important to be well rounded, have excellent time management skills, and have the ability to multi-task. I greatly enjoy applying those same skills to assist my clients in securing top quality IT talent needed to complete their projects. I'm always willing to go the extra mile, meter, or even inch!!!

  • Player of ANY and ALL sports.
  • Loves cooking for and entertaining friends.
  • Once starred in a documentary film made for education.
  • Die-Hard Chicago Sports Fan – Go Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Hawks!!!!

Shannon Dunne

Inside Sales
linkedin profile

I am fortunate to be able to work with experts in the ERP industry here at GlobalSource IT, and am constantly learning more about sales, mingling and learning from all those around me who have been in this niche industry for decades. Always open to new ideas, I try and focus my attention on how to help our customers most effectively and efficiently. If I can bring our customers the type of assistance they need in a timely manner, then I have done my job. And, as in all aspects of my life, I concentrate my energy on the words spoken by former United States president John Calvin Coolidge: “Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

  • Has an English and Psychology degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
  • Sings all day long (ask everyone in the office!)
  • Loves her Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • Inspired by childhood vacations to Ireland, she'd love to go backpacking across Europe with her sister one day.
  • When she’s not at work, she is either at the gym or having movie-marathons with friends.

Sheri Evans

Sales Director
linkedin profile

I’m extremely fortunate to work for GlobalSource IT - I admire the hard work, dedication, and integrity in all the moving parts of our organization. Being a niche ERP provider is all we do, and we do it very well. It’s my belief to be truly successful at what you do, you must become an expert in your field; this is what I strive for everyday. I strive to build long lasting, trust-based relationships with my clients. My goal is to obtain a very clear understanding of what it is my clients are looking for, and work my hardest to help fill their contract/consulting roles.

  • Is the youngest of three kids, and is very close to her family and friends. In recent years has enjoyed spending time with her three nieces.
  • Born and raised in Wisconsin, but spent six years in Minnesota where she attended the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
  • Justin Timberlake's and Aaron Rodgers' number one fan.
  • Thinks Mexican food is “where it’s at” and makes delicious guacamole.
  • Favorite seasons are spring and summer.

Patrick Darrough

Account Manager
linkedin profile

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ― Winston Churchill. Helping others is a profound theme in my life, both personally and professionally. Whether it’s providing value to my clients and their businesses, employing quality consultants with opportunities that best utilize their skill set or helping my team in Milwaukee grow, the work I do at GlobalSource IT is enormously rewarding. Every day I have new opportunities to deepen relationships and provide value to others, which is very fulfilling.

  • Believes ones’ character is best revealed by their reverence for bacon.
  • Rubik’s Cube champion…AKA Nerd Extraordinaire.
  • Avid athlete; competed in Track & Field & Cross Country collegiately while attending UW-Oshkosh.
  • Loves to volunteer and is a big supporter of charities like BBBS & Front Row Foundation.
  • Keeps a pretty awesome garden and believes that there’s no food like homegrown/homemade food. Delicious.

Steve Stoltz

Sales Director
linkedin profile

I find great enjoyment in providing elite human capital solutions for our clientele with integrity and transparency while simultaneously ensuring our consultants reach their career objectives. Our success isn’t defined by the destination but rather what we did and how we arrived there together.

  • From the greater Milwaukee area.
  • Baseball is his passion even though he played 5 years of college football and coached for 3 years.
  • Wouldn't mind if one of his daily meals consisted of a triple order of Toppers stix.
  • Loves the outdoors.
  • Jeans, t-shirts and beat up hats are three of man’s greatest creations.
  • Has an obsession with Flashback Fridays—what's a better close to the work week than 80's songs all day long?

Lauren Trotnow

Sales Director
linkedin profile

Have a passion for your chosen profession, do all things in life, no matter how mundane or seemingly “trivial,” to the absolute best of your ability and leave everything that you touch better than it was when you found it. I value integrity, a superior work ethic, honesty, humor, building strong relationships and karma. It is essential to me that I round out each day knowing I could not have performed at a higher level than I did for my clients and colleagues.

  • I have one amazing little boy named Brenton. I was going to go with Trenton. But Trent Trotnow, come on…let’s give the kid a shot.
  • I worked for Jerry Springer when I lived in Chicago while I attended college. Yes, some of those people are real.
  • I am an extreme A-Type and competitive to my core. I own a fitness business and believe all things in life improve when you are physically at your best.
  • I have an adorable little dog named Schnupsy. Don’t ask.

Cris Kliczak

Sales Director
linkedin profile

I believe in taking a proactive approach to develop professional relationships in order to grow the business and deliver top class service. Throughout the past 10+ years in the IT staffing industry, I’ve collaborated with my clients to find the best possible business solutions to meet their needs. I take pride in knowing that our industry-leading ERP talent continues to strengthen our name among the Fortune 1000.

  • Graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and may possibly be the only Vikings fan in the heart of Packer nation.
  • Played in the NCAA handball tournament and completed his first (and last) marathon.
  • Happily married and a proud father of two children, Kendall & Calvin.
  • Loves dogs, but not so fond of the “purse dog” he inherited through marriage, however.
  • If he’s not playing with his kids or outside tending to the lawn, there’s a good chance you’ll find him tinkering in the garage on his next project.

Matt Cowling

Sales Director
Public Sector & Educational Institutions
linkedin profile

I’m extremely driven to succeed through hard work and dedication, while focusing my efforts on transparent relationships and dependability to ensure the highest quality ERP resources on the market. I’m a firm believer in the saying “talk is cheap” and cherish the opportunity to prove it through nothing but results and GlobalSource IT has all the tools and expertise to do exactly that.

  • Born and raised in Neenah, Wisconsin.
  • Attended UW-Milwaukee with a double major in Marketing and Finance.
  • Played football, baseball, & wrestling through highschool; Placed twice in the state tournament (wrestling).
  • Favorite past times are bow hunting or riding the dirt bike trails.
  • Avid Wisconsin sports fan supporting the Packers, Brewers, Badgers.
  • Loves greeting fellow Bears/Vikings fan’s in the office after a Packer victory!

Jeffrey Giernoth

Director of Resource Management
linkedin profile

I greatly enjoy being able to build long-lasting relationships with the most talented ERP professionals. I believe in always being open and honest and keeping the lines of communication open throughout the entire recruitment process. I am passionate about recruiting and strive to find the best possible job match for both our clients and our candidates.

  • Joined the GlobalSource IT recruiting team in April 2005.
  • Graduated from Carroll University and majored in Criminal Justice with a minor in Business Administration.
  • Married to a beautiful and talented attorney (not nearly as glamorous as it sounds).
  • Trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu several times a week.
  • Hates coming to work on Monday if the Bears lose to the Packers.
  • Separates his Skittles by color.
  • Does not take losing well. He's still coping with the loss to Chad in the office arm wrestling competition.

Jon Williams

Resource Manager
linkedin profile

I enjoy matching the right person to the right position. Building and maintaining relationships is my specialty and that has opened doors for me in the recruiting field.

  • Part of the UW-Milwaukee Alumni; born and raised in the Brew City.
  • Has been a technical recruiter for the last 4 years.
  • Joined GlobalSource IT in early 2011 and loves the world of ERP recruiting.
  • Enjoys golfing and motorcycle riding.
  • Netflix member since 2004. (He should be a shareholder.)
  • Wants to travel more, similar to his consultants.
  • Loves sushi but struggles with the chopsticks.

Andy Sell

Resource Manager

Jason, our president and CEO, saved me from the slums of the BMW / Porsche dealership over 6 years ago. Although I miss the excitement of selling the world’s finest cars and driving a new one every day, I can now truly say that I love my job. For me, recruiting in the IT industry is an exciting and dynamic challenge. I love technology as well as working with people, and when I am able to unite a client with hard-working and hard-to-find talent, it’s a great feeling of satisfaction for everyone involved.

  • Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Avid art, music, and sports fan.
  • Perfect day for him is an afternoon of tailgating at Miller Park.
  • Hasn’t shaved his entire beard since he went as Magnum P.I. for Halloween over 10 years ago.
  • Went to the Milwaukee French Immersion School starting at K5.

Dave Summerfield

Director of Resource Management

I am dedicated to helping ERP/IT consultants find projects that will help them utilize and expand their skill base. Our team’s recruiting process includes taking the time to learn about a consultant’s career goals, and then finding the best project available that meets those expectations.

  • Graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a double major in Journalism and Sociology.
  • Has 7 years of recruiting experience within Engineering, Marketing, and IT consulting industries.
  • Grew up one mile from Lambeau Field in Green Bay, and has attended numerous frigid-temperature Packer games (yet still can’t stand the cold).
  • Previously played hurling (which is an Irish sport) for 6 years with the Milwaukee Hurling Club.
  • Past winner of the City of Green Bay's 8th Grade Free Throw Tournament , but unfortunately misplaced the trophy and the generous $10 gift card.

Eric Heffelfinger

Resource Manager

I believe that building relationships through open communication and prompt follow up is the major key to success. It is through these relationships that we are able to be an ally to our consultants while providing the best fit for our clients.

  • Passionate Resource Manager dedicated to providing top-level consultants for direct clients.
  • Enjoys working with ERP and IT consultants, building relationships, and providing new, exciting and challenging contract and career opportunities.
  • Feels lucky to have a great family that includes his wife and 2 daughters.
  • Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, and is a big fan of hometown sports including the Packers, Brewers, Bucks, and the University of Wisconsin...quite the “homer.”
  • Self-appointed pizza connoisseur and expert of local restaurants in Milwaukee.
  • Enjoys staying active by trying to play golf, softball, and basketball.

Travis Ulrich

Resource Manager

I'm enthusiastic and passionate about finding the best resources for our clients, while ensuring the professionals I work with are informed and confident in our recruiting process. I think success hinges on honesty regarding our clients' and candidates' expectations from the very first time we communicate.

  • Graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and majored in Journalism and Mass Communications.
  • Over 4 years of experience working with multiple technology solutions including ERP, Cloud Computing, and CAD/CAM software.
  • Born in Madison, WI, and fanatical about Wisconsin Badger football and basketball.
  • Enjoys spending time with his ridiculous Italian family, as well as eating the large quantities of food required at all family gatherings.
  • Local Milwaukee ping-pong legend (probably not true).

Sean Sayrs

Resource Manager
c: 414.759.9640
linkedin profile

As a Resource Manager for GlobalSource IT my goal is simple: to treat consultants the way I want to be treated. I respond quickly with help, keep their best interests in mind, am easy to work with, and am worthy of their trust. Being part of GlobalSource IT has shown me I am not alone in these beliefs. When providing solutions for our consultants, we are innovative and unique in our approach. In a nutshell, better.

  • Married to his wife Camilla and has 3 kids: Gavin, Annika, and Livia.
  • Captain of the Capital Conference Champion DeForest Norski Basketball Team and Band President simultaneously, making him the coolest nerd around.
  • Loves technology. Really loves technology.
  • Thanks a Veteran every time he sees one, and has his kids thank them, too.

Blake Mascarello

Resource Manager
linkedin profile

Building relationships by having open lines of conversation and the best interest of the consultant in mind is what I strive for each day. This is the way to ensure the consultant and client is each given the best possible outcome. “Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, 'Make me feel important.' Never forget this message when working with people.” Mary Kay Ash.

  • Born and raised in Northwest Indiana and a Purdue University Graduate.
  • Hard-working Resource Manager striving to provide high-level consultants for direct clients.
  • Avid fan of a wide variety of sports and played baseball collegiately for Purdue and professionally in the Phillies organization.
  • Proud father to my 20 lb, fuzzy canine, Griffey.
  • Serious sweet tooth, and not afraid to have dessert with every meal of the day.
  • Loves to keep busy by working out and playing in softball and basketball leagues.

Rhea Sanchez

Resource Manager
linkedin profile

As a child I was obsessed with boxes (specifically boxes that fit inside of other boxes). I find it ironic that as an adult I have found a career that parallels my childhood fascination. As a recruiter, I love the challenges of finding the perfect candidate to fit into the specific skill set and culture that our client seeks. I get to face new challenges every day and I absolutely love it.

  • Graduated with a degree in Psychology from Beloit College.
  • Married to her husband Fernando since 2009.
  • Has been in the recruiting field for 4 years.
  • Studied abroad in Denmark for a semester and would love to go back one day.
  • Inherited her love of musicals from her mom, a high school choir teacher.