Mark Koenig
VP - Brands & Corporate Growth
Mark Koenig

At the end of the day, our success as an organization is a result of the emphasis we place on relationships we build with partners across the globe. I’m incredibly proud to be surrounded by a team that puts far more effort into doing the right thing by our clients, than monitoring the bottom line. Our business is defined by the people found throughout this site, and the hundreds of consultants who represent us across the nation.

  • Married to a wonderful woman, and together they have a most precious little girl, Elliot.
  • Thinks jumping out a perfectly good airplane is absurd, mostly because he’s spent gobs of time learning how to land them (and he can, just ask Chad).
  • Spends the vast majority of his free time 'convincing' trout to eat a hook made of thread and feathers. (Trout are scientifically proven to have pea-sized brains, Mark wonders why he doesn’t win the battle more often?)
  • Once found himself standing between Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey at a cocktail party. (In his mind, that pretty much made him 4th in line of Presidential succession if things went really south- it was a good night.)