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Apr 20 2017     |     share via  

Written By: Nick Packard, Director of Marketing 
With the rapid growth of our company GlobalSourceIT I needed to move my office to make room for our expanding sales and delivery teams. While at first I felt a little uneasy about the move, I realized I would get a nicer office and be able to bring some things from home to make the space my own. One of the things I brought was my collection of dollars. After putting them up I had a lot of questions being asked on what was the relevance.
Here’s the back story…
Before coming to GSIT I was a business owner turned freelance marketing consultant. I worked in a lot of different places and for a lot of different people, and wanted to have a way to remember each one. I always liked the idea of framing/displaying the first dollar you made. It represented all your hard work to get you to that point.
However, for me it wasn’t about the hard work that got me there, but about what I learned that I could take to the next one. So after completing a larger contract or leaving a position I would take a dollar from my last paycheck and write myself a message.
Here’s my $5 education…
$1 - Take Chances 
One of my first “Big Boy” jobs was for a great company that a friend of the family got me into. I was fresh out of college, and eager to get started. I loved the people, energy and atmosphere at this industry leading firm. However, after a year of really growing into my role I became fearful that being really good at my job was hindering my professional growth.
That fear came true when an open role was given to someone else and I was told I was benefiting the company where I was currently at. My frustration and disappointment faded as an opportunity arose to start my own business (with my mom). I did what I felt was right, leaving a stable job with a great company to take a chance on my own.
$1 – Never Look Back 
I spent 7 years building and growing our family business. I learned everything from construction, vendor management, employee management, grass roots marketing, sales and the true meaning of hard work. It was the most valuable experience of my professional life and one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had great customers, awesome employees and made connections with a lot of other local business owners.
In talking about my experiences and results with other business owners I started getting asked to consult on projects. Pretty soon my consulting turned into a business in itself and it became clear that my passion for marketing was taking over my passion for running our family business. When the timing was right I was bought out of the business and I moved on…. Never looking back.
$1 – Create Opportunities 
In my 6+ years of consulting I have had the privilege of working with some great companies. Many of those were because of a partnership with a local agency. Through this company I developed key marketing skills and found my niche in the digital world by working on a variety of projects, and companies across the country. It was eye opening to say the least, and shaped who I am today.
Along the way I also concentrated on expanding my network. Early on I understood the importance of developing quality relationships and I connected with some great people. Towards the end of my term there I started looking towards future projects. With a strong network in place I was able to create an opportunity, finding a great longer term contract with a start-up company.
$1 – Don’t Settle 
Working for this start up in a brand new industry posed a very unique set of challenges. There was no legacy data, heavy restrictions were in place and everyday was an all out race to the marketplace. …and I loved it. This contract gave me an opportunity to combine my sales and marketing skills and grow something from the ground up. I learned the importance of relationship building and finding where audiences “lived” so we could effectively communicate with them. 
There reached a point where I looked back at all that was accomplished and felt humbled yet not truly satisfied. I wanted more. A lot was done, but what would the future hold if I stayed on..? With upcoming restrictions and an uneasy leadership team, I didn’t want to settle for average, I wanted to grow!
$1 – Have Faith 
My final contract was with a company that had great promise and some of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. A lot was accomplished in a short time, but it came at a price of a lot of drive time and being away from my family. When it came time to decide to stay on or leave I got a call from a corporate recruiter at GlobalSource IT (Timing is everything!!).
After multiple conversations with the leadership team I knew that was where I wanted to be. Even though I may have made more money if I would have stayed, I had faith that GlobalSource IT was the right decision for me and my family.   
I have $5 I can no longer use… now what??
The real payout here was in learning that it is important to remember what you had to do, to get you to where you want to go. Learning, adapting and bettering yourself are keys to growth. I saw that same mentality at GlobalSource IT, and it was one of the key factors in taking on the full time role of Director of Marketing. They have been around since 1998 and since then, have listened to their clients and consultants, adapting the way they do business.
The changes they have made were to make their business run more efficiently, and provide a top tier service unlike anyone in the industry. These are things like only working in the ERP, CRM and BI space, turning down projects that aren’t in their wheel house. Plagiarism detection software and multi-level screening process to ensure clients get what they are looking for. Follow up emails to consultants if they didn’t get the contract (as a former consultant, trust me, this matters).
They knew they had to do things differently to stand out in a crowded marketplace and rose to the occasion. That type of adaptability is exactly what I was looking for when deciding to hang up my consulting boots, and stop ruining perfectly good dollars.
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