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Finding Top ERP Talent Starts Here
TalentBio's are short reports of active consultants that are in our network. Each bio gives you specific info that can help our clients assess market value and help our consults define what they are worth. Each TalentBio includes:
 • Industries the consultants have worked in
 • Area of the country they reside
 • Skill-sets or areas of expertise
 • Summary of experience
 • Overview of a specific assignment they have completed
 • Estimated billing rate
To get started you can click the Access Now link... or learn more on how to use it below.   Access Now >>
How Talent Bio's work
How it works:
You can either browse through the whole library or use the search
box on the left to pick a specific skill set, industry or region of the
country. Once you select your criteria hit the refine search button
and it will return all the results that match.
*Please note that new Talent Bios are added weekly so keep checking in for newly updated info. 
If you are looking for an easy to read, complete Industry RateGuide,
email us here and we will send you one out. 
You found a match:
After you've found skill sets or industry experience that matches a potential need or interest, just click on name . This will take you to a preview screen that allows you to read a little more about the position
and access the pdf to save or print. 
Finding a talent bio match
Access to talent bio's
Access Granted:
Once you have accessed your TalentBio it will automatically download to your computer. From there you can open, save and print.
The TalentBios are a quick glance at what our talent looks like, as well as info on a specific assignment they were involved with. In addition we have also included an estimated rate for their services. Each TalentBio is a nameless, faceless consultant from within our qualified network. That means that these people have been interviewed, tested and submitted to our clients within the last 6 months. While the company name is hidden, the roles and duties performed are real.
Like what you see? We can also send you an Industry RateGuide for skill sets like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. RateGuides are updated every quarter and list numerous position types within each skill set. If you want us to send you the most recent GSIT RateGuide email us here.
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