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SAP S/4HANA Implementation Best Practices Guide

Get your complementary copy of the market's first objective SAP S/4HANA implementation best practices guide

At GlobalSource IT we've tapped into the unique experience of over 3,500 independent consultants with specific S/4 implementation experience to create the most insightful best practices guide in the market.

By using independent SMEs and consultants to both write and respond to our survey, objectivity was built into the entire process from the start to ensure you’re getting true best practices for your implementation.
Below is a breakdown of the expertise of the 3,500+ consultants we contacted to create our objective best practices guide. 



Get complementary access to the markets only unbiased best practices guide to SAP S/4HANA implementations!

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• The GlobalSource IT SAP S/4HANA Implementation Best Practices Guide

• Access to our best practices microsite that includes an in-depth look at the data we've collected

• Access to an S/4HANA Implementation Subject Matter Expert

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