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Our relationship centric business is centered around 3 core objectives…
Risk Mitigation
We have identified and implemented ways to lower risk through a multi-level screening process proven to isolate the best available talent in the marketplace.
• You are assigned a team focused on identifying a candidate through the lens of your project requirements, values, and company culture
• Our team conducts multi-level screens which measure a candidate’s skills, motivations and business acumen to drive the project forward
• Over 90% of candidates are disqualified as a result of our vetting process; only proven niche talent makes it to your inbox
• During the assignment, Practice Managers & Sales Directors are always available to offer productivity assistance to consultants and Voice-of-Customer feedback from clients
Creating Value
Our business model drives value through our vast network of niche consultants who provide scalable expertise and reliability.
• Since 1998 we have place thousands of consultants in dozens of industries saving our clients seven figures on project overhead
• Within 48 hours our team will have up to three candidates in your inbox or provide a marketplace report based on your requirements
• Access to recruiters with an average tenure of 8+ years of constantly building our consultant network with proven technical & functional ERP talent
• A network of over 40,000 senior consultants many of which have Big Four experience at a more competitive bill rate
• Quick contract turnaround, flexible terms and an easy on-boarding process ensures project kick-off efficiency
Our Focus
Our business is based on a simple premise: 
Pick one thing and be really good at it. We have segmented our practice and measured the talent in our network so the right candidate will be identified.
• Niche areas: ERP – CRM – BI
• IT Healthcare, Public Sector & Private Sector divisions
• Practice Managers can assist with work plans, personal development programs and performance guidelines
• Our recruiting is what makes us great
• We're not an IT commodity firm - we focus on the 10% 
• Our reputation is everything - we will walk away from an opportunity rather than place someone not qualified.
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We have a specialized recruiting division called PurpleSquirrelIT. Our only mission is to find the impossible to find consultant. 

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