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Case Studies
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Below are recent case studies from actual clients.
  Industrial Industry
Tech company looking to implement EFACS E/8 system to improve inventory and supply chain management.

  Technology Industry
Expanding technology company needing a customized PeopleSoft AWE (Workflow Engine) for Core HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Security.

  Financial Industry
PeopleSoft Upgrade 8.9 to 9.2 - HR Application. Currently the bank was managing their core HR, Payroll, T&L, ESS and MSS for their employees in PS HCM 8.9 with PeopleTools 8.51 and needed an upgrade.
  Communications Industry
A global communications Company (phone) wanted to standardize Human Resources (HR) process between the wireline and wireless business units which were on various systems.
  Pharmaceutical Industry
SAP Business Objects Spend Performance Management 2.1 for a large Bio-tech pharmaceutical manufacturing company.
  Manufacturing Industry
A large Industrial supply manufacturer needed more control over enterprise level data and mass data migration.
  Manufacturing Industry
Rapidly growing consumer good manufacturer needed scalable flexibility from a IaaS and DaaS cloud based solution.
 Large University
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